February 1, 2023

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12 Advantages of Going for the Online Reporting Tool

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The online reporting tool allows you to quickly and easily create a variety of reports at a reduced cost. This web-based tool enables any event or class organizer to produce reports on attendees, students, employees, customers, vendors, and so on. The reports generated through this online module can also be stored in a central database for easy retrieval during an emergency.

The online reporting tool provides you with the following 12 advantages:


You don’t need to pay any installation, downloading, or maintenance charge to use this online module. Hence, this helps to reduce the overhead cost of organizing an event.

Prepare a Variety of Reports

This web-based reporting tool allows you to generate a range of post-event/class reports on attendee check-in, ticket sales and refunds, wait lists, questionnaire summary and details’ and so on.

At-a-glance View of Revenue and Inventory Status

Event or class organizers can easily view all revenue and inventory status of their earlier or ongoing events, training sessions, and classes.

Unrestricted Access to Reports

When you have prepared a standard or a custom report, you can easily access them 24×7. The online portal allows you and your team members to check reports for gathering any details covering your functions and fundraisers.

Allows 24×7 Data Retrieval

Generated reports can be saved and stored easily in your organization’s central database and can also be retrieved 24×7, as and when needed.

Send Report Links

Since the reports are made online, you can easily send their links to practically anyone on your guest list.

Easily Export Reports

Using this online tool, you can easily export all types of custom and standard reports in all formats, namely excel, PowerPoint, MS Word, PDF, RTF, CSV, XPS, MHTML, JPEG, PNG, and more to your clients and sponsors.

Easily View the Attendee Report

You can simply view the attendee report for each class that includes the registration status and participant information for all your upcoming classes and functions.

Questionnaire Summary and Detail Reports

You can download the questionnaire summary and detail reports for all current class enrollments in a hassle-free manner.

Create Unlimited Custom Reports

Custom reports based on the event date, classifications, or similar other criteria can be created easily.

Aggregate Data

Any type of data can be collected across categories defined by region, department, type of event, and so on.

Real-time Reporting

You can easily track the success of email campaigns through real-time reporting. You can even view which emails were opened, clicked, or were not delivered to your intended recipients.

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