September 27, 2023

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Business Communications Revolution – Video Conference Technology

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Video communication has always promised a diverse array of powerful, tangible, immediate business benefits – empowering face-to-face interaction with anyone, anywhere, anytime – instantly.

Fast, measurable cost savings, enhanced productivity and operational efficiencies, greater staff rapport, work life balance and job satisfaction. Even a reduced carbon footprint. Make no mistake. When it comes to video, the eyes well and truly have it.

There was a problem though. The technology was often immature, complex, and expensive. It also tended to be largely proprietary and rather greedy for bandwidth, and it came with a reputation for unreliability.

Accordingly, while the world’s biggest, richest, most risk-resilient companies were able to embrace video with open arms, the rest of us had to keep getting on our trains, planes, and telephones. There was no choice.

Since then, visual communication technology has evolved of course – reliability and quality are no longer an issue. Even then however, even as more and more businesses have come to see the value and the benefits and value of using video, it has remained beyond the reach of most because of budgetary, technical, security and or IT resource constraints.

Video Conferencing has evolved into a viable solution for businesses as recent developments in Video technology have resolved all of these issues.

New Video communication tools can be installed with no impact on your IT infrastructure, high levels of security and no drains on your corporate bandwidth. With high definition video available with small levels of expenditure needed to setup and use, the ability to communicate without the hassle of travel has become available to any business.

Video provides a greener, quicker and more reliable method of communication for businesses worldwide.

The future of business is video conferencing.

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