November 30, 2022

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[Dana Sibera] Creates Devices That Don’t Exist

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[Dana Sibera] Creates Devices That Don’t Exist

[Dana Sibera], known as [@NanoRaptor] on Twitter, would make us marvel about gadgets that could have been, and wince about devices that have to hardly ever see the light-weight of working day – summoned into existence by her respectable image editing and 3D modeling techniques. At any time desired to see a Model M with a little inexperienced-tinted CRT built into its aspect? Now you have. Possibly, a “self-tapping” DE-9 plug with wood screws for pins? Hard luck, here it is in any case, but you can have a palate cleanser if it was also much to bear. Owning started off around a 12 months in the past with the basic “spicy pillows, but basically pillows” design, she retains gracing us with portrayals of tech and tech-adjacent objects straight from the depths of her creativeness.

None of the factors she reveals exist in actual life, some regretfully and some fortunately so, but that is not the to start with matter on your intellect when you stumble upon a cube-shaped iPod with a developed-in equalizer in your Twitter feed. Images like this “cassette ROM” or the deluxe woodgrain 386DX are pretty evident in what they are. On the other hand, equipment like this “Mini VGA” dongle or the amber CRT-adorned TI92 In addition might have you achieve for your wallet prior to you recognize what’s up, and the photographic-proof-accompanied assertion about early floppy drives currently being punchcard-dependent could have you believe that you are just not up to day on your retrocomputing trivia.

More mature components is regarded to be far more expressive and experimental, and [Dana]’s types take comprehensive gain of that – from an SGI Indy with its diagonal lower by way of the case now paired with a matching check, to an L-screen Powerbook. New hardware doesn’t get a pass both – here’s the latest iPod Nano with a clickwheel, a logical conclusion that Apple under no circumstances attained, and a motherboard with a dozen USB-C inputs in spot of an ATX energy connector.

Some styles will be nostalgia-inducing, some will be daunting, and [Dana] retains bringing new surprises into our feed on the typical. Prolific artists are a joy to observe – previous time, we included Pepper’s Ghost experiments of [Joshua Ellingson], and he keeps experimenting to this day.

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