December 7, 2022

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Difference Between HDD vs SSD Reseller Hosting

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A Quick Guide For Choosing Between HDD vs. SSD Reseller Hosting | 🥇🥇  LuHoster LTD

When you decide to launch a website hosting business as a Hosting Reseller, you buy resources from a parent hosting company, create smaller hosting packages, and sell them to your clients. 

The following video explains what Reseller Hosting is:

In the Reseller Hosting business, you don’t run or manage the server or infrastructure and are dependent on the hosting provider to ensure optimum performance of your packages. Hence, choosing the right provider, plan, Windows/Linux Reseller Hosting, and configuration of the server is crucial to the success of your business. 

Traditionally, all web servers used a Hard Disk Drive or HDD. However, over the last decade, with the introduction of the better-performing Solid State Drives of SSDs, hosting companies have started offering servers based on them. 

Today, we are going to talk about HDD and SSD Reseller Hosting plans and compare them to help you choose the perfect one for your Web Hosting Reseller business.


A Hard Disk Drive or HDD is an electro-mechanical storage device used in servers for many years. It uses magnetic contact to store/retrieve data on a rotating disk. On the other hand, a Sold State Drive or SSD uses an IC chip to store data.

HDD vs SSD Reseller Hosting

ReliabilityThere are no parts that need to physically move in a Solid State Drive since it uses an integrated chip for storing data. Hence, the wear and tear is minimal, and the drive lasts longer. It makes them more reliable than HDDs.In a Hard Disk Drive, there is a rotating disk and a moving arm to store and retrieve data. Hence, with use, they can experience wear and tear and lead to drive failure.
Processing timeSince SSDs store and retrieve data using a microchip, they take a maximum of 100 microseconds for data access.HDDs have a slower processing time than SSDs. The average processing time is around 5k-10k microseconds.
Power UtilizationThe lack of spinning parts ensures that an SSD requires lesser power to function compared to a Hard Disk Drive.Since an HDD has a spinning disk and a moving arm, it requires more power to function than an SSD.
PriceSSDs are costlier than HDDs.
Effect of an external magnetic fieldSince an SSD uses microchips to store and retrieve data, there is no effect of an external magnetic field on it.In an HDD, data is stored using an electromagnetic field, and an external magnetic field can destroy the data.
Heat generationWith microchip-based storage and retrieval function, an SSD generates very little heat.A Hard Disk Drive has a rotating disk that generates more heat than an SSD.

Summing Up

The speed and performance of a website rely primarily on that of the server. When you launch a Reseller Hosting business, you create packages based on the resources purchased from a hosting company. Hence, the performance of your packages relies on that of the server too. This makes choosing the perfect Reseller Hosting company important. 

Also, with SSD-based plans, you can be assured of a better performing server and can offer the same to your clients. If you are a web designer and planning to start a web hosting business, then look for the best Reseller Hosting for web designers that is based on an SSD server. Also, before you buy, research your options, read reviews, and consider all aspects carefully. Good Luck!