March 29, 2023

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Dry Lam Rain Fresh Air Purifiers Review and Numbers Analysis

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Dry Lam Global is a company based out of Lenexa, Kansas. They carry two air purifier models under the Rain Fresh brand. The first is a desk lamp that includes photo catalytic oxidation (PCO) technology. The flagship model is the Rain Fresh RFA5000. This is a hybrid air cleaner that combines HEPA filtration with the best in active technology. It uses ozone, PCO, and ionization technology.

This is perhaps one of the more economical hybrid systems on the market. It costs about 18 cents per square foot of air cleaned per year and $2187.35 to run continuously for 10 years. It covers 1200 square feet.

The biggest question is how effective the coverage is at 1200 square feet. It is unusual for quality HEPA filters to have a significant particle reduction impact at 1200 square feet unless it is a top-tier purifier and uses hefty filters. Indications from the cost of the replacement filter itself are that this filter is not hefty. The other important indicator is how many air changes an hour this system is able to do. This will tell you how efficient the performance will be at 1200 square feet. If the performance is poor, this impacts the cost-value comparison to other purifiers in the marketplace.

As a hybrid system, it provides great value by addressing particle, gas, and bio agent contamination but it does not seem to be top-tier purification. So it is very important to do your research. This air cleaner provides great value for moderate purification needs but is not a good option for dealing with more severe problems.

The company backs this air purifier with a 3 year warranty which provides more satisfaction in its quality. The other factors to look into before making a purchase; the quality of the PCO unit and the availability of the purifier. It seems as though the company may have stopped producing it or is only offering it in limited quantities. Very few online outlets make this purifier available for sale.

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