Tackling the Challenges of Offering Customer Support to Your Web Hosting Business

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Website hosting is an involved business that demands your constant attention and heavy upfront investment. But it is also a lucrative business proposition. So if you’re looking to get into the hosting business, Reseller Hosting is your best option. Reseller Hosting in India is quickly catching on as an alternate source of income for many web professionals. You will find a wide range of Reseller Hosting plans to get you started. While Reseller Hosting is pretty easy to manage, there’s one crucial aspect you must consider to offer the best Reseller Web Hosting, and that’s support.

Why is support so important?

Support is a crucial function that is the deciding factor for many site owners. Sure, there will be plenty of cheap Reseller Hosting providers, but not all of them will offer high-quality support. 

The following video shows why you should not opt for cheap Reseller Hosting – 

Support is one factor that will enable your business to stand out in a competitive market. It will give you a competitive edge and help you achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your services to others. Such recommendations work better than any marketing strategy. It will help your business grow faster and augment your branding efforts. Site owners will always choose a hosting provider who provides active support even if they charge a bit more, over a cheaper one that doesn’t offer support.

In-house or outsourced?

As a Hosting Reseller, you have two support options, create your own support team or rely on your hosting provider. You get more control over in-house support, and lesser hassles when it’s outsourced. You can start small by handling customer queries yourself and outsourcing it when your business starts growing.

Setting priorities

A customer may contact support even for trivial queries, such as installing plugins using cPanel. Such queries are not critical, and needlessly tie up your support when they could be attending to more crucial matters. You can address this challenge by creating a comprehensive knowledge base that answers such queries clearly. They can troubleshoot small issues and leave the really critical ones for the support team.

Maintaining the quality of support.

Sometimes you’ll just have to rely on your hosting provider’s support infrastructure to resolve your client’s queries. You have little to no control over their quality of the support. But you do have control over your choice of hosting provider. Partner with a reliable hosting provider who has a proven track record.

Making support accessible

Most Hosting Resellers offer IVR-backed telephone support as it is not very expensive to implement. But it is not enough and can be frustrating for customers facing an emergency. For it to be really effective, you should offer support to your customers through different channels such as email, chatbots, live chats, messaging and telephone.

Leave the job to experts.

Sometimes, Reseller Hosting providers avoid hiring experts to handle their support to save money. While such support can tackle routine enquiries and low-level issues, they will be ineffective in a real emergency that needs dedicated technical expertise. Always hire the right people for the job for your support to be really effective.

When companies run their businesses on the web, any downtime will hurt them. Hence, support is a critical requirement of hosting.


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