December 7, 2022

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WTF is Dolby Atmos Music (aka Spatial Audio)?

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Dolby Atmos is a surround seem structure which provides the means to placement seems in precise factors in place all all over and higher than the listener. Contrary to standard channel-centered surround audio, Dolby Atmos works by using seem “objects” which may possibly have spatial coordinates that are fastened in house, or shift through the digital soundstage.

At playback, a Dolby Atmos program renders and maps these audio objects along with the standard surround sound channel “bed” to the unique speaker configuration of the room in buy to make a totally immersive and participating encompass seem encounter for the listener.

Whilst Dolby Atmos was initial released in 2012 for videos, the structure has develop into well known in the new music industry, way too. Dolby Atmos encoding can now be found on 1000’s of tunes tracks, which include new releases from main artists as properly as remixed variations of beforehand unveiled audio.

Dolby Atmos is also identified as “immersive audio,” “3D audio” and “spatial audio.” Note that immersive sound, 3D audio and spatial audio can include other formats these as Sony’s 360 Actuality Audio, DTS:X and AURO-3D. But Dolby Atmos is presently the most popular and the most extensively utilized immersive encompass sound format.

Dolby Atmos height modules bounce sound of the ceiling for height effects.
Dolby Atmos supports upward-firing reflective speakers to create audio from earlier mentioned. Several soundbars and speakers use this technological know-how to build thoroughly immersive surround sound from less speaker cabinets.

Dolby Atmos utilizes the identical encoding and formatting for songs and flicks, but “Dolby Atmos Songs” is a preferred way of referring to the structure as it is employed in audio recording and playback. Dolby Atmos Songs can be professional around headphones (to a selected extent), but in our expertise, the immersive impact is significantly extra pleasurable and sensible more than speakers.

Deadmau5 mixes in Dolby Atmos
Electronic/Dwelling audio artist and producer deadmau5 mixes songs in Dolby Atmos for the reason that it features him additional resourceful liberty than a common stereo combine. Graphic courtesy of Dolby.

Dolby Atmos New music can be relished using Dolby Atmos-compatible receivers, speakers and soundbars. It has even begun demonstrating up in automobile audio devices. The key to an successful Dolby Atmos Music playback process is the ability of the procedure to reproduce seem from all instructions: in front of, beside, driving and earlier mentioned the listener. For simplicity of installation, lots of Dolby Atmos speaker systems and soundbars use one or more upward-experiencing speakers to bounce seem off the ceiling. This provides the listener the encounter of audio coming from previously mentioned, without the need of demanding actual physical speakers be mounted into the ceiling.

Some speakers and soundbars use a process called “virtualization” in an endeavor to idiot the mind into wondering that audio is coming from multiple places, when it is basically coming from just one or two speaker cabinets. In our experience, these systems are limited in their immersive result and do not examine effectively to real speakers put in distinctive areas of the space.

In order to practical experience Dolby Atmos New music, you will require a streaming support that supports the structure. Currently, Apple New music, TIDAL and Amazon Tunes all assist Dolby Atmos New music and all offer you countless numbers of tracks encoded in Dolby Atmos throughout a large choice of genres.

For information on what sort of components you’ll will need to test out Dolby Atmos Tunes in your very own dwelling, check out out our tutorial:


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